Ambulant care

Modern methods of diagnostics provide concrete results

In our private, ambulant office we can check ultrasound, ECG, and lung function. Preventive studies show if you are fit for everyday life, or targeted health promotion measures must be taken.

Stroke prevention by ultrasound

By means of a technically very significant ultrasound  test the arteries, which supply the brain with blood, can be measured. This test gives the information about the personal risk of stroke, the general condition of the vessels and the inner layer of the carotid artery.

Long-term ECG

Health risks can be recognized by a prolonged recording of heartbeats. The electrocardiogram makes statements about capability and condition.

Pulmonary function test

The exact precision measurements check the capability of your lungs. Even small limitations in oxygen supply may adversely affect the performance ability of the lungs and cause health problems.
Our tip: Get the security by the possibilities of the advance health care!